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Sea of Butterfly full movie

Jae-nyun and Woo-young both suffer from brain lesions and have been dating for eight years. Now they face the next step in their life: marriage. They are no different from ordinary couples in Korea when marriage is concerned. Woo-young is forty years old. Ever since his father died, he could no longer delay his marriage with Jae-nyun and openly proposes to her several times. On the other hand, Jae-nyun, who was happy with Woo-young's first marriage proposal, experiences difficulty in giving a definite answer to Woo-young. She is worried about married life. To make matters worse, her future mother-in-law makes an interview of how she accepts Jae-nyun as her daughter-in-law, which suffocates Jae-nyun even more with the patriarchal custom the marriage system hides beneath the surface..

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